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The fastest, easiest, most affordable way to get professional videos produced for your business.
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Plus-Script™ Membership

Adding Professional Script Writing makes this the most comprehensive, convenient solution for your business.
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Enterprise Membership

Complete solutions for your business and flexible usage for advanced marketing campaigns.
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Plus-Script Membership  
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A complete video solution.

Great for all businesses. Hey Video Plus-Script™
will take care of all your video needs including
Professional Script Writing. If you need a no fuss video
service so you can focus on
doing your business, this Membership Level is right for you.

• Free custom video every month
• Fast. 10 business-day turnaround**
• Unlimited Digital File Back-up
• No contracts. Cancel anytime
• Bigger. Full 720p HD resolution.

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Complete Access to Members' Private Area

As a member of Hey Video’s Discount Video Solutions you will gain 100% access to the highest discounted pricing in the video production industry.

No matter what your industry is Hey Video is your video production department and as such you gain the ability to present your message to your clients using high quality videos. Hey Video makes it simple and easy to turn your idea into a video. We simply do it all for you.

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Script Writing By Our Professional Copy Writers

Hey Video Plus-Script™ is our Complete "We do it ALL for you" Membership Level. Fill out a brief questionnaire and submit it from within your Private Members Dashboard and our professional team of Copy Writers will write your script and send it to you. Once approved, our Production Team will spring into action.

One Free Video Every Single Month

As a Hey Video Member you get one FREE Professionally Produced Custom Video every month. You can use your FREE video for anything you wish. Go ahead. It's on us. Membership certainly does have it's privileges.

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Quality Background Music and Sound Effects

With up to three sound effects per produced minute and an ever growing selection of royalty free background music your productions will not only look great, but
will also sound amazing, capturing the essence of your brand and engaging your audience.

Fast Delivery Turn-around

Hey Video is not only easy, It's FAST.

As a Hey Video Member you will recieve one of the "Best-In-Industry" turnaround times ever -10 business days or less.**

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Unlimited Digital File Back-up

Your video productions are stored on our servers for easy access when you need them.*** Simply login to your Private Member Dashboard and download them as needed.

Flexible Usage

More usage. More Places.

At Hey Video we know videos are meant to be used. That's why all Hey Video Video Productions include license-free use for email, web, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, trade show booths, front lobby, staff trainings, television ads...just about anywhere you can think of.****

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No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees

We know you want flexibility.

At Hey Video there are no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime right from within your Private Member Dashboard.

No fuss. No muss.

Professional Voice-over

Every video you order as a Hey Video Member includes professional voice-over as standard. With each video your order (including your FREE video every month) you can choose American male voice-over, American female voice-over, or North American Spanish female voice-over (you must provide your script in Spanish).

Additionally you can select premium voice-over talent including British male or female, Southern Belle and Boston or New York accents.*

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Bigger. 720p Full HD!

Let's face it. Video monitors are getting bigger and bigger and more and more people want to view online videos full screen. As a Hey Video Plus-Script Member you will be ready. Every video we produce for you is in stunning, 720p full HD. (Great for your trade show monitors too)


Keep your costs down.

Like most professional video production companies we take great care in the production of your final product. What makes Hey Video different is that we have eliminated the arduous and lengthy process typically assosciated with video production and simplified it completely, allowing Hey Video to provide you with the world's easiest, fastest, most affordable professional media production services.

Faster delivery time. No back-and-forth. Zero hidden fees (those hidden fees can really add up).

Think of us as the video production and marketing department you always wish you had.


Do right by your business.

Having a Hey Video Discount Video Production Club Membership levels the playing field for you and your business. With your Hey Video Membership you can compete with the Big Boys and get your quality video productions easily and quickly. All custom-made for your business and all for less than the cup of coffe you have on your way to work every morning (or that soy latte you're reaching for right now). ;-)

Simply put, Hey Video is so inexpensive you truly can’t afford NOT to own a membership.

Try us out for a month and see for yourself.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hey Video - Now That's Big!


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*Additional fees apply.
**From receipt of final approved script. Applies only to standard 60-second video productions. Please allow for more time for multi-minute and specialty productions. Turnaround time for script writing is 5 business days for a one minute production (multi-minute productions may take longer).
***See Terms of Service.
****Television and some other applications are subject to special licensing fee.