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Frequently Asked Questions  
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Q. What is Hey! Video™?

A. Hey! Video™ is a video production discount membership for access to our Members' Only Discounts on video productions. It is not a 'pre payment' program for video productions. We will bill your credit card every month and you will receive Insider Discounts to Professional Media Services. As an added benefit, your first video each month is FREE for as long as you remain an active Member. Every FREE Professionally Produced Custom Video can be up to a full, 60-seconds long. Each FREE video includes professional voiceover, royalty-free music underscore and sound effects, and you can even include your company logo, images, and video clips.

Q. How long does it take to produce my video?

A. Our Turnaround Time is 10 Business Days for Standard Productions (up to 60-seconds).

Q. What is the difference between a "Branded" and "Unbranded" Video?

A. One of the reasons we are able to offer such discounted pricing is because we place a short Credit at the end of every production and/or a small watermark in the corner of the video (Branded).  We do, of course, let you choose to remove the branding (Unbranded). (Additional fees may apply)

Q. What format will my productions be delivered in?

A. Our standard delivery format is MPEG4 (h.264), offering the highest quality video in the smallest file size.

Q. Do you offer other formats as well?

A. Yes, we offer the following additional formats; FLV, AVI/WMV.  (Additional fees may apply)

Q. I need my video ASAP!!  Do you have rush or express service?

A. Yes we do.  If you need to get your video sooner than 10 Business Days, for an additional fee we offer

a 5 Business Day Rush (Excludes Weekends);

a Weekend Rush (Excludes Holidays);

And we know sometimes your productions MUST get through.  That's why we offer Holiday Rush Services...That's right, we'll work straight through the Holiday.  Pricing is determined at time of order.

Q. I already submitted my production and just realized I need it ASAP.  Can I upgrade to any of the rushes mentioned above?

A. You certainly can.  Same fees and schedules apply.

Q. What happens if I forget to submit my Free Monthly Video or go on vacation, I lose it, right?

A. Yes.

Q. As a Standard Member, who writes my script?

A. As a Hey! Video™ Standard Member, we provide a CopySheet template for you to use for your script.  The CopySheet template lets us know how long your production is going to be.  This means that there is no question how long your Voice-Over will be when you submit your script to us.

Q. Do you offer Script Writing Services?

A. Yes we do. For Standard Members you can add Professional Script Writing to any video order (additional fees apply). Professional Script Writing is included in All Hey! Video™ Plus-Script™ and Enterprise Level Memberships.

Q. How long is a Standard Production?

A. Standard productions are up to a Full Minute in length.

Q. How long can my production be?

A. Up to 5 minutes for any single video.  (Additional per-minute fee applies)

Q. I intend to be a Private Label Reseller.  Can I use your video examples as a portfolio?

A. Unfortunately, No.  You will need your OWN videos to show to your potential clients.  We offer a Reseller Video Pack for just this reason.

Q. Can my videos be branded with "Created By 'my company'" and logo?

A. Absolutely.  For Enterprise Level Members, we can put a custom 'Created By' brand on any video you order.

Q. What is the size of my video?

A. The standard size of your video is 640x360 for Standard Members and 720p Full HD for Plus-Script™ and Enterprise Members (with an upgrade option to 1080p for an additional fee).

Q. I am a Standard Member. Can I get my video produced in HD?

A. Yes, you can choose to have your video produced in 720p or 1080p HD.  (Additional fees apply)

Q. Do you offer revisions?

A. We will certainly revise any production that contains 'mistakes' based on the following:

You are solely and completely responsible for spelling, grammar and pronunciation.  If we spell or pronounce something in your production differently than on your CopySheet, we will fix it for free. We ask that you submit a project description along with your CopySheet. This project description should explain everything you wish to be in your video. We will always try to include images and clips based on your project description. As a rule, if there is an image or clip you simply MUST have in your production, you should provide it at the time of submission. You can, of course, submit just your audio script (CopySheet) and give us creative license to produce your production to the best of our abilities.  In fact, most of our Members do just that. Please Note; if you give us Creative License there are no revisions because there is no way to determine if a 'mistake' was made.

This FAQ page, and all FAQ's, subject to change without notice.


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