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LFMVM Sales Video – 3 Versions

Line 1

There are three videos on this page (you are not seeing tripple). This is an example of how a single video production can be multi-purposed for use in specific environments. And with the extreme discounts you get as a BWE Monthly Member, you have the power to make as many targeted versions of your video as you need.

#1. Standard Production Version 

This first video is the full, main production (complete with professional voiceover, music, and sound effects).

The Member provided "box face" images (front, back, sides, etc...) of their packaging and a video clip. Our Production Team converted the flat "box face" images into a full, 3D object that we were able to spin and move in complete 3D (pretty impressive, huh?).

#2. High-Energy Music Only

In this verision the voiceover has been removed, illustrating how a voiceover is not always necessary in your video productions.

This is perfect for looping on a website or a tradeshow (in HD, of course).

#3. 1080p Full HD Version

This is the Full 1080p HD version of the full production (with voiceover).

HD is ESSENTIAL for Trade Shows, for use on a flat screen High Definition TV in your waiting room, lobby, or office, or anywhere you are going to be displaying on larger and/or HD screens.

To see the HD quality click on the full-screen icon in the bottom right corner of the player.


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