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This is an example of how a single video production can be multi-purposed for use in specific environments. And with the extreme discounts you get as a Hey! Video Member, you have the power to make as many targeted versions of your video as you need, returning the greatest results.

#1. Standard Production Version 

This first video is the full, main production in English (complete with professional voiceover, music, and sound effects).

#2. Production with Spanish Subtitles

Subtitles are a great way to extend the usability and reach of your productions. Order a version in as many languages as you need. Provide the translation or have us translate it for you.

In this version, Subtitles have been added in Spanish.

#3. Spanish Subtitles for Dallas

Here is yet another example how, with a Hay! Video Membership, you can increase your reach without increasing your budget.


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