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People Are Raving About Their Hey Video Discount Video Production Club Membership.
Just look at what our Members are saying.

Our experience with Hey Video has been nothing short of excellent from start to finish. We immediately recognized the value and experience that Hey Video offered us. The process to produce our first video was very straight-forward and simple. Stefan and the rest of Hey Video’s team went above and beyond to help us become familiar with their production process. We had high hopes for our first video with Hey Video and they exceeded our expectations in every way. The video took our team by surprise and reminded us of why we started the company in the first place. We are excited and cannot wait for future video productions with Hey Video.

- Chris Tran, Projects Manager, Chào - Unfolded Memories

Hey Video Team,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great (and Moving ;-) video you produced and released to me today.

The graphics you selected, the bit of animation, the timing and tone were just what I was looking for.

You took the time to do a really first class job and not just throw some graphics up and do a voice over.

You continue to impress me with the professionalism and quality you continue and increasingly show in your video productions.

I only had time to quickly write up the script this month, but you took that and once again knocked it right out of the park.

- K.K.

Support experience was awesome. Someone even called me on the phone! which is a rare thing in the Internet world...:-))

- Gabriel C

Hey Video is the best thing that could have happened to us! This partnership is essential to our success. And whoever came up with the rollover months is a GENIUS! We needed something to help us stand further apart from our competitors and this is it! By far this is the best investment we could have made!

- RaShaunda F.

I just downloaded my new Hey Video video. After watching it I said the same thing when I looked at my last Hey Video video. I said S--T! And I don't use that kind of language. I stared at the page for a few seconds, I was blown away. This is my fourth Hey Video video. The first video was really sensational and has brought a lot of buyers to our site.

My second video was in Spanish, I took the script from the first video and had it translated into Spanish and requested the excellent female Spanish voice-over person. This produced a great video but also she opened a new market for this product. Video number three was Fantastico.

The third video was even better than the first. Brand new multi-product line. The video sold them all.

And my fourth video, you already know it had me stunned.

I am almost afraid to have you do my next video... I don't know how you can do better than your last shot. I am working on the scripts for my next two videos just to see if you can keep it up.

In the words of the Arnold...

- Dr. Tag Powell

Support experience was awesome. Someone even called me on the phone! which is a rare thing in the Internet world...:-))

- Gabriel C

I decided to try Hey Video simply because it was easy. I wasn't sure what to expect. The videos in Hey Video's samples were great but, in tone, nothing like what we'd need for inspirational romance book previews. Well, we've just received the Woodland Church Series video, and I can tell you that all my reservations are gone! From a simple copy sheet and minimal instruction, Hey Video composes an outstanding promo...and delivers it on time. I couldn't be happier. If you haven't given Hey Video a shot, I urge you to.

- Blessings, Nicola Martinez,
Pelican Ventures, LLC Book Group

For years I sat in a TV production control room, as a director, with an editor to produce TV Ads along with local program promos.

There's nothing like having that hands on "in the moment" control.

Fast forward to 2010.

I can't say ENOUGH about Hey Video Video productions.

I pay them $39 a month, send them a script with some production ideas, a couple of images and in return I get an incredible Video back that has always exceeded my expectations.

I did the same with an $80.00 a month video membership and most of them were "amateur 101" at best.

It got to the point that when I got my video download notification, it took me forever to muster up the nerve to watch it, because I was afraid of that heart sinking disappointment I'd get most of the time. It was a crap shoot.

I gave Hey Video a shot because of the price...who wouldn't? But, I wasn't expecting to get such creative and high impact productions back time after time and No More Heart Sinking Disappointments that had turned my job into a marketers/clients nightmare followed by troubleshooting and back peddling . Thank heavens I have great clients is all I can say.

Well those days are Gone!

If Hey Video's membership was $550.00/month I'd take it in a New York Minute.

They meet their turn around time, produce phenomenal Videos and have put my business back to where I like it "Enjoyable" and "Forward Moving."

They actually respond to support tickets in a timely fashion. How novel LOL.

- I Sincerely Thank You
DDWB Massachusetts

Hey Video shocked us with the quality of the video we received.
They did such a great job we are now solely going to use them for video for our clients!

Our staff literally watched our 1st video 10 times in a row in awe of
how amazingly they captured what we wanted!!!

If you are looking for professional quality videos for an affordable price
Hey Video is it!!!

Hey Video you guys are amazing!!!!

- Sincerely, Kara Charron
Epik Marketing Inc

We do search engine optimization and were recently seeking an inexpensive way to get quality videos for our clients.  We discovered Hey Video, as well as another source, and decided to see who would provide the best production with the same script.

Hey Video did a fantastic job and literally blew the other guys away.  They got the production out in less time than advertised, the professional voice and pictures were all top notch, and the video production as a whole was way beyond anything we expected or had hoped for.  We felt so good about this experience that we are in the process of working out a deal to make them the exclusive provider of videos for our clients.

If you need quality videos delivered when promised and for a reasonable price, we recommend you try Hey Video.  They definitely over-delivered for us and I believe they will do the same thing for you too.

- George Cunningham, eTrafficMagnets, Fort Worth, Texas


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